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Now, with the improvement of consumers' personalized needs, more and more people will choose whole house furniture customization. So what are the steps and processes of whole house furniture customization?
The design stage mainly includes determining the decoration style, measuring the room design and formulating the decoration budget. In this step, we need to consider everything, otherwise when we find ourselves dissatisfied, it will be a waste of time and money to start over.
Determining the decoration style is the first step of design. If you pursue simple fashion, you can choose modern simple style. Simple lines and bright colors can make the atmosphere at home comfortable and relaxed and reduce the burden of life.
If you like the feeling of "low-key luxury with connotation", you can choose the light luxury style. Light luxury style is a popular style in recent years. The feeling of low-key luxury can make a home feel beautiful and fashionable, and appear very high-end at the same time. In terms of style design, it is more in line with the aesthetic needs of young people.
If you like European style and don't want to be too gorgeous, you might as well try simple European style. By integrating European culture into your home through simple modern simplicity, you can create a sense of romance and leisure comfort.
In the link of room measurement and design, they will arrange the designers of nearby stores to conduct on-site measurement to ensure a one-to-one system, and then conduct comprehensive design according to their favorite style, family living habits and room size, water and electricity positioning, and then formulate the preliminary design. Design.
When decorating a house, there are generally four main expenses: basic water and electricity decoration, wall and floor tiles, furniture and household appliances. Needless to say, the basic water and electricity decoration is basically solved by the professional construction team, and the price is almost the same; The latter three should cooperate with the design scheme given by the designer.
In terms of material selection, those with sufficient budget can choose slate countertops, natural solid wood door panels and other high-grade materials; If you want to save more money, you can choose high-quality and cheap materials such as solid wood particleboard and quartz stone countertop. In the selection of functional accessories, if you want to make the cabinet more practical, you can install corner pull basket and pull-down basket to improve the utilization of cabinet space.
The construction phase includes pipe, masonry and tile decoration. Although the construction team is mainly responsible for this step, we should also have a bottom line to avoid IQ tax. Especially in the water and electricity decoration, the switch position, the number of sockets and the movement of water and electricity pipelines shall be confirmed. Otherwise, once the cement and ceiling are sealed, it is difficult to replace.
In addition, places with water, such as toilets, kitchens and balconies, need to be waterproof. Otherwise, in case of water leakage, not only you but also the residents downstairs will suffer. Additional maintenance costs should also be paid, causing economic losses and affecting neighborhood relations.
The installation stage includes the installation of cabinets, wardrobe and other furniture, lamps and sanitary ware. When these product materials are sent home, they need to be checked before installation. If there is a problem, it should be returned to the merchant in time to avoid disputes in the future. During installation, try to lay newspaper or dust-proof film on the ground to facilitate subsequent cleaning.
Jinan whole house customization reminds you that after installation, we need to conduct acceptance inspection to check whether the furniture surface is flat, whether the handle is firmly installed, whether the hardware accessories are installed flexibly and whether there is abnormal noise. Of course, these projects are not fixed and should be carried out according to the actual situation of their own family.
The above is the basic process of Furniture Customization of the whole house. Generally speaking, house decoration is mainly divided into three stages: design stage → construction stage → installation stage. I hope the above contents can be helpful to your decoration. You can pay attention to our website www.jnzxjjpf.com com。
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